Rose Colors and Their Meanings


He loves me. He loves me not and repeat. The power of the petal can back the power of love, admiration or sheer appreciation. Just as with every gesture, every rose has a meaning that backs it. This seemingly simple characteristic can change the reason for giving it completely. Join us as we peel back the petals of rose colors and their meanings.

Why Roses?

Could it be due to their gleaming popularity, or is it the floral’s elegant nature as a whole? Collectively, a rose is a statement flower. It tops the charts for its popularity and remains a symbolic piece for holidays, specifically Valentines.

While the sheer desire for a rose is to complement a room, its meaning has guaranteed longevity. In a moment, a rose can convey a feeling of love, romance and so much more. You get what you pay for. Roses are considered a more high-end floral, but you get so much more than just beauty with a rose arrangement. Collectively, roses may make the most powerful statement compared to other florals.

All of this and more proves why roses are considered for any and every type of flower design. For when a rose is given, a message is sent. The question is, what message is it that you are looking to send? The meaning of rose colors will help answer that question.

The Rose for Friendship

Nothing says I like you like a friend more than yellow roses, but there is so much more to them. Choose yellow when sending a message of platonic love, appreciation and friendship. Yellow roses convey a meaning of joy and delight. These roses represent a connection with friends and loved ones. When sending roses, it is important to have the knowledge backing the ones you choose to send.

In addition to choosing the right color of roses, it is important to recognize why it is you are sending them. If you are looking for what rose color is best for a birthday, consider yellow roses. Yellow roses are a great addition to birthday bouquets, just-because gifts and other miscellaneous gestures. The rose is already an undeniably beautiful gift. Incorporating the bold yellow into a design radiates the message of joy and care that backs it.

Friendship is a cherished gift. If you have been fortunate enough to have been awarded such a gift, it is best to appreciate it. Choose yellow when sending friends flowers because yellow roses are best associated with friendship. Consider sending your friends something that represents the beauty of this gift for their birthday or just because.

The Rose for Peace

If you wish to share a message of peace with someone you care about, the white rose may be the option for you. Known for being a traditional wedding flower, the bridal rose or white rose is associated with innocence, just like how the white wedding gown is associated with purity.

The white rose is often shared in both extremes. One of these being the beginning of a marriage, another one is given to show reverence to the departed. Collectively, the white rose is a classic floral that is appreciated by many. Compared to its counterparts, this rose color’s meaning may be the most powerful.

Send white roses in celebration of a wedding anniversary, because they are the recipient’s favorite or because you are sending a message of peace. When choosing the white rose to send to someone for an event or just because, you are sending the rose best associated with peace.

The Rose for Gratitude

There is a lot to say when it comes to expressing gratitude and appreciation. Both these qualities reflect what it means to be thankful. This could be for a specific gesture, or it could be for a specific person. Gratitude can be expressed in many ways. One way can be through sending pink roses to the person you are grateful for. Here’s why.

The pink rose’s graceful and elegant nature makes it an ideal floral to express gratitude. In fact, its meaning is gratitude. Pink extracts good thoughts and exudes positive feelings. Although pink carries with it feelings of femininity and poetic romance, it is best sent to express gratitude to the recipient.

Additionally, these beauties pair wonderfully in a Mother’s Day flower arrangement because of their symbolic nature. Truly a wholesome symbol, pink roses are an ideal expression of gratitude.

The Rose for Romance

It’s the most iconic rose of them all, the red rose. Known as a symbol of romance, the red rose is among the most popular flowers in the world, and red is what rose color means love. It has history in various countries and remains the staple floral for Valentine’s Day flower arrangements. There is no questioning what rose color is best for Valentine’s Day because the red rose has been long embraced.

Besides the obvious beauty a red rose displays, red roses are portrayed in artwork, poetry, music and so much more. The rose’s association with love dates back to Greek and Roman mythology. It was often recognized for its association with the goddess of love. This portrayal has carried on to today’s red rose fans everywhere.

A Sense of Color

Some people have a sense of style while others pride themselves on a sense of color. Our team of designers at Conroy's Flowers Covina in West Covina, CA, is here to help answer any questions you may have about flower designs, colors and their meanings. We want to help you not only send a beautiful gift but deliver an even more meaningful message.

If you have questions on what to do when sending a flower arrangement or on rose bouquet delivery, ask us about the details. Pink is more appropriate for a Mother’s Day design while red is a statement Valentine’s Day choice. You can have roses delivered for any occasion if the color you choose matches it. Your local florist can help with logistics.

While the meaning of rose colors is the focus, there are many alternative florals that carry on the same meanings but fit an alternative style.

Color can be powerful. Send a powerful message with any floral choice or design you choose. Get a better sense of color, its meaning and power by talking with your local florist the next time you have flowers delivered. It will mean more to the recipient than you know.

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